ISRO’s RISAT-2 satellite makes re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere

Source: The post is based on the article “ISRO’s RISAT-2 satellite makes re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere” published in The Hindu on 4th November 2022. 

What is the News?

ISRO’s RISAT-2 satellite has made an uncontrolled re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

What is RISAT-2?

RISAT-2 or Radar Imaging Satellite-2 was launched in 2009 by PSLV-C12 launch vehicle.

It is India’s first dedicated reconnaissance satellite possessing day-night as well as all-weather monitoring capability.

It was also used to track hostile ships at sea that were deemed a military threat.

The principal sensor of Risat-2 was an X-band synthetic-aperture radar from Israel Aerospace Industries.

Significance: RISAT-2 is a clear example of ISRO’s capability to carry out spacecraft orbital operations in an efficient and optimal way.

– For instance, RISAT-2 Satellite carried 30 Kg of fuel for an initial designed life of 4 years. But with the proper maintenance, RISAT-2 provided very useful payload data for 13 years.

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