‘Jaapi’|’xorai’ |’gamosa’ in Assam

What is the News?

Decorative jaapi (field hats), hand-woven gamosa, and bell-metal xorais are making frequent appearances in Assam as the election is coming closer.

About Jaapi:
  • Jaapi is a conical hat. It is made of bamboo and covered with dried tokou leaves (Tokou is a palm tree found in the rainforests of Upper Assam).
  • Uses:
    • Jaapi is most often used in official functions in Assam to felicitate guests.
    • Farmers also use jaapi in Assam. They use them to protect themselves from the harsh weather, both sun and rain while working in the fields.
About Xorai:
  • Xorai is essentially a tray with a stand at the bottom with or without a cover. Every Assamese household has it.
  • Uses:
    • Xorai is primarily used as an offering tray during prayers. They are also used to serve tamale-paan (betel-nut) to guests.
    • It is also presented along with the jaapi and gamosa while felicitating someone.
  • Made of: The bulk of xorai in Assam are made in the state’s bell metal hub Sarthebari in the Bajali district.
About Gamosa:
  • Gamosa is an article of significance for the people of Assam. It is generally a white rectangular piece of cloth with primarily a red border on three sides and red woven motifs on the fourth.
  • Made: The most common material for making gamosa is cotton yarn. But on special occasions, they are also made from Pat silk.
  • Uses: It can be used at home as a towel (uka gamosa) or in public functions (phulam/floral gamosa). This is also used to felicitate dignitaries or celebrities.

Source: Indian Express

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