Jal Jeevan Mission remains a pipe dream

Source: The post is based on the article “Jal Jeevan Mission remains a pipe dream” published in “The Hindu” on 16th September 2023.

Syllabus: GS2- governance- welfare scheme

News: The article discusses the gap between the reported success of the Jal Jeevan Mission in providing tap water connections to households in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh and the actual ground reality, where many households either lack taps or receive inadequate water supply.

What are the main issues with the Jal Jeevan Mission in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh?

Data Discrepancy: Official records show 100% tap connections in some villages, while ground realities, like in Asthaun and Luhari, contradict this.

Infrastructure Issues: Many homes lack the necessary pipes and taps, as seen in Kunata village.

Supply Inconsistencies: Even where taps exist, the water supply is inconsistent. Some receive water for only two hours.

Dependence on Old Sources: Villages continue to rely on traditional sources like handpumps due to inadequate tap water supply.

Terrain Difficulties: Laying pipes across Mahoba’s uneven terrains is challenging, causing disruptions.

What are the future goals?

Water Treatment Plants: Five large plants are being established to ensure a clean water supply to households.

Regular Quality Checks: Water will be frequently tested for purity, and if not up to standards, supply will be halted for cleaning.

Full Water Supply by 2024: The state aims for a full water supply by 2024, with a specific deadline for Mahoba set for November this year.

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