What is Jam Trinity?

What is it?

  • Jam Trinity, an abbreviation for Jan Dhan Yojna, Aadhaar and Mobile is concerned with direct subsidy transfers.
  • The three modes of identification would help deliver direct benefits to India’s poor.


  • The Aadhaar would help in direct biometric identification of disadvantaged citizens.
  • Jna Dhan Bank accounts and mobile phones will help direct transfer of funds into their accounts.

Rationale for JAM Trinity

  • Previously, the government operated a large number of subsidy schemes to ensure a minimum standard of living for the poor.
  • These schemes took complicated routes to deliver affordable products or services to the poor.
  • For example THE MNREGA operating through the panchayat pays minimum wages to rural workers.
  • The Centre and States supply rice, wheat, pulses, cooking oil, sugar and kerosene at heavily subsidised prices through the PDS.
  • Finally, other sectors such as power, fertilisers and oil sell their products to people below market prices.
  • Such a complicated system is riddled with the presence of intermediaries, leakages, corruption and efficiency.
  • As a result, a large amount of money is wasted the inefficient distribution and the poor does not benefit properly from these subsidies.
  • The government expects the JAM Trinity would help in this regard.
  • The Aadhaar would help in direct biometric identification of disadvantaged citizens and Jan Dhan bank accounts and mobile phones would allow direct transfers of funds into their accounts.
  • This process is expected to cut all intermediaries and ensure efficiency.
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