Judo/Karate and Other Martial Arts as a hobby

i) What is Judo and what is Karate? What are the fundamental techniques of self defence which are employed in them viz. speed, agility, flexibility, balance, etc.? What role does strength play?

(ii) Know briefly about their history/origin, spread to various parts of world etc., What has been the role of media/movies in its popularity and public perception about martial arts? Whether media and movies have played a positive or negative role?

(iii) Is it a fighting art or an art of self defense? Or is it a technique of self disciplining, mental toughening etc. Does it involve ethics and principles? What role can it play in the life of a common man?

(iv) What are the similarities and differences between Judo and Karate? How it is different from other martial art techniques viz. Kung-fu, Taekwondo and Jujutsu. Are there any Indian martial arts?

(v) What is a Black-Belt? What are practitioners of Judo, Karate called? Are these Olympic Sports?

(vi) Should these martial arts be made a part of school/college curriculum? Why/why not?

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