Kalrav festival at Nagi- Nakti bird sanctuaries in Bihar 

Why in News?  

Kalrav, Bihar’s 1st statelevel festival started at the Nagi-Nakti bird sanctuaries in the Jamui district, Bihar. 

About the festival: 

  • About the Festival: The festival is hosted by the department of forest, environment and climate change. 
  • Aim: The event is intended to create awareness about the conservation of birds and their habitat, the wetlands. 
  • Importance of Birds:  
    • Those who can understand a bird’s behavior can understand that it sends a signal of any impending natural calamity. 
    • Birds also help in the pollination of plant species. 
  • Hence, as a part of the bird conservation plan, the forest department has developed a bird ringing station at Bhagalpur 

 Nagi- Nakti Bird Sanctuaries: 

  • Nagi Dam and Nakti Dam are although two different sanctuariess but  they can be taken as one bird area due to their closeness. 
  • These sanctuaries are a home to wide variety of indigenous species and migratory birds that turn up during the winters from places like Eurasia, Central Asia, the Arctic Circle, Russia and Northern China. 
  • Birdlife International has declared it as an important bird area due to a rare phenomenon. I.e. appearance of Around 1,600 bar-headed geese which is about 3% of the global population of this variety, at this sanctuary. 
  • The sanctuary is unique for its rock formation, “tor” in Jamui area. In India, this rock formation is available only in Hampi in Karnataka. 

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