‘Kerala Savari’, India’s first online taxi service as a public option

Source: The post is based on the article “‘Kerala Savari’, India’s first online taxi service as a public option” published in The Hindu on 23rd August 2022.

What is the News?

Kerala has soft launched ‘Kerala Savari’, the country’s first online taxi service owned by a State government.

What is Kerala Savari?

It is an online taxi service launched by the Kerala government.

Aim: To ensure fair and decent service to passengers along with fair remuneration to auto-taxi workers.

What are the main attractions of Kerala Savari?

No Surge Pricing: It ensures safe travel for the public at ‘government approved fares’ without any ‘surge pricing’. 

Safe for women: It is a safe and reliable online service for women, children, and senior citizens. A police clearance certificate is mandatory for drivers joining the scheme apart from the required proper training.

Low Service Charge: It only charges an 8% service charge in addition to the rate set by the government whereas the private cab aggregators charge up to 20 to 30% service charge.

Panic Button: ​​A panic button system has been introduced in the app. This button can be pressed in the event of a car accident or in cases of any other danger.

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