KVIC rolls out innovative “Mobile honey processing van” to support farmers and beekeepers

What is the news? 

Chairman of KVIC launched country’s first Mobile Honey Processing Van. The Mobile Van has been designed in-house by KVIC and is a part of its Honey Mission. Under Honey Mission, KVIC has so far distributed nearly 1.60 lakh bee boxes across the country and created over 40,000 employment.  

What is a mobile honey processing van? 

The Van can process up to 300 KG of honey in 8 hours. 

It is also equipped with a testing laboratory, that can instantly examine the quality of honey. It will have a laboratory technician and a technical assistant to look after the honey testing. 

It will help further the cause of “Sweet Kranti” (Sweet Revolution) which focusses on honey production. 

What will be the advantages of this processing van? 
For Beekeepers and farmers: They will get a fair price of their honey produce.  

It will enable the processing of honey at farmers and beekeeper’s doorstep and thus save the hassle and the cost of taking the honey to processing plants in far off cities. 

It will make beekeeping a more profitable business for small beekeepers (who incur extra cost for bringing their honey to other cities for processing and packaging and sometimes have to sell their honey to the agents at a very low price)

Will benefit the beekeepers in rural areas of states like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. 

For Consumers: This will help maintain purity and eliminate any scope for adulteration of honey. 

Source: This post is based on the article “KVIC rolls out innovative “Mobile honey processing van” to support farmers and beekeepers” published in PIB on 7th Jan 2022 

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