What is the News?

Defence Minister will be launching two frontline warships of the Indian Navy INS Surat and INS Udaygiri at Mazgaon Docks Limited, Mumbai.

What is INS Surat?

INS Surat is the fourth ship of Project 15B Destroyers.

Note: Project 15B class of ships are the next generation stealth guided-missile destroyers of the Indian Navy being built at the Mazgaon Docks Ltd, Mumbai.

Named After: It is named after the commercial capital of the state of Gujarat and also the second-largest commercial hub of western India after Mumbai.

The method used: The ship has been built using the Block construction methodology which involved hull construction at two different geographical locations and has been joined together at Mazgaon Docks Limited(MDL), Mumbai.

What is INS Udaygiri?

INS Udaygiri is the third ship of Project 17A Frigates.

Named After: It is named after a mountain range in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also considered as the reincarnation of erstwhile ‘Udaygiri’, the Leander Class ASW Frigate.

What is Project 17A?

Project 17A is a follow-on of the Project 17 Shivalik-class frigate for the Indian Navy. 

The ships have been named after the first major warships to be built in India which in turn were named after hill ranges in India.

A total of seven ships will be built under Project 17-A.The seven ships under this project are 1) INS Nilgiri 2) INS Himgiri 3) INS Udaygiri 4) INS Dunagiri 5) INS Taragiri 6) INS Vindhyagiri and 7) INS Mahendragiri.

Source:  The post is based on the articleLAUNCH OF INS SURAT & INS UDAYGIRIpublished in PIB on 16th May 2022.

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