Lessons unlearnt 

Lessons unlearnt 


  • Nine years have passed since the grim events of 26/11 but India has forgotten nothing and learned nothing.

What is are the impacts of 26/11 tragedy?

  • 26/11 caused two key ruptures in India’s politics and public discourse:
  • It led to a distillation of public frustration with police and intelligence services, which seemed unable to protect India’s citizens.
  • It crystallised the rage of citizens against the Indian state’s inability to act on Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorist groups.

What are the drawbacks India’s security and defence?

  • New organisations meant to fight terrorism, mostly are chronically under-resourced.
  • India’s intelligence services remain desperately short of resources.
  • There are chronic shortages from language and area specialists, to personnel with specialist technology skills.
  • India has been unable to fulfil its commitment to modernise basic policing and emergency services.
  • Forensics, investigation and intelligence capabilities are abysmal.


  • The next 26/11 will always lurk just around the corner unless the elements which went into its making are addressed.
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