LinkedIn released the “Opportunity Index 2021”

What is the News?

LinkedIn has released the Opportunity Index,2021. The index focuses on the manner in which women perceive their employment opportunities. Further, the opportunity index also focuses on how the gender gap is slowing down the career progress for working women.

About the Opportunity Index 2021:

  • The LinkedIn Opportunity Index research was conducted by market research firm GfK.
  • The countries that were included in the index include Australia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.
  • For India, the index highlighted the difference in understanding regarding the available opportunities for men and women.

Key Findings of the Opportunity Index:

  1. Impact of Pandemic on Women: 9 in 10 or 89% of women were negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Promotions for Women: As many as 85% of women in India have missed out a promotion or other work offers because of their gender. This is significantly higher than the regional average of 60% in the Asia Pacific.
  3. Other Challenges faced by Indian women:
    • Fewer opportunities and lower pay structure than men
    • Lack of Time and family responsibilities.
    • Lack of guidance through networks.
    • Workplace discrimination because of household responsibilities
    • Companies ‘favourable bias’ towards men.

What needs to be done?

  • The government have to provide greater flexibility to women in order to increase female participation in the workforce.
  • Part-Time Flexible Schedules and Maternity leaves can improve women participation in the workforce.
  • There should be new opportunities for women to upskill and learn the labour market skills. It can help organisations attract, hire and retain more female talent.

Source: Business Today


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