Lion @ 47: Vision for Amrutkal” to secure and restore lions’ habitats

Source: The post is based on the articleLion @ 47: Vision for Amrutkal” to secure and restore lions’ habitatspublished in PIB on 23rd December 2022

What is the News?

Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change has informed Lok Sabha about the Project Lion document titled “Lion @ 47: Vision for Amrutkal”.

What is Lion @ 47: Vision for Amrutkal document?

The Government of India has prepared ‘Lion@47: Vision for Amrutkal’ as a part of Project Lion for the conservation of Asiatic Lions in Gir, Gujarat.

The objective of the document is to 1) secure & restore lion habitats for managing its growing population, 2) scale up livelihood generation and participation of local communities, 3) become a global hub of knowledge on big cat disease diagnostics and treatment, and 4) create inclusive biodiversity conservation through Project Lion initiative.

What is Project Lion?

Project Lion is being implemented by the Gujarat government and other stakeholders like the Central Zoo Authority. 

The project envisages landscape ecology-based conservation of the Asiatic Lion in Gujarat by integrating conservation and eco-development. 

The Project is being implemented in the Gir landscape in Gujarat, which is the last home of the Asiatic lion.

What is the Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats(IDWH) Scheme?

IDWH is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme started in 2008-09.

Aim: To provide support to 1) protected areas (national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation reserves, and community reserves except for tiger reserves) 2) protection of wildlife outside protected areas and 3) recovery programs for saving critically endangered species and habitats.

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