Livestreaming Supreme Court proceedings: A step closer to a stronger democracy

Source: The post is based on the article Livestreaming Supreme Court proceedings: A step closer to a stronger democracy” published in The Indian Express on 4th October 2022.

Syllabus: GS 2 – Functioning of Judiciary

Relevance: benefits of live-streaming of SC hearing.

News:  The Supreme Court has allowed the live streaming of the hearing of cases from 27th September 2022.  This decision was followed by the court’s original decision of live telecast of important proceedings four years back on 27th September 2018.

It was held that the live-streaming of court proceedings is in the public interest and it will also strengthen constitutional values, democracy, and citizenship.

What are the benefits of the live-streaming of the cases by SC?

First, it will enable common people of the country to view the proceedings of the highest court. It will bring faith in the judiciary.

  • It will also provide for transparency and accessibility of the process of justice delivery which in turn will strengthen the country’s democracy.

Second, it is also a step towards creating informed citizenry as people will be informed of the judicial proceedings of the court.

Third, it will enable people to understand the importance of the rule of law. The people will be able to see the efforts of judiciary in protecting the rights of the poor, marginalized and disempowered sections of society.

Fourth, it will promote transparency in judicial decision-making. Usually, the language of the court is only understood by lawyers and judges.

  • Therefore, live proceedings will enable common people to understand the judicial proceedings.

Fifth, the decision could raise the quality and standards of the legal profession.

  • It will help lawyers to prepare for the court proceedings in a proper manner and will also make them aware of irresponsible remarks.

Sixth, it will also create a level playing ground for the younger lawyers as their preparedness and intellectual skills will be visible to all.

Seventh, there has also been a concern that young lawyers are not ready to enter into the litigation field. Therefore, the live streaming could inspire law students to take up this field.

Eighth, it will motivate law faculty members and legal researchers to work on new areas of scholarship and research relating to the functioning of the judiciary and legal profession.

Therefore, SC has taken a historical decision of live-streaming the hearing of cases which bring transparency and faith in judiciary amongst the people of India.

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