Mains Guidance Program (MGP) 2020 | Starts 25th June 2020

Dear Aspirants, 

The UPSC has notified the Prelims examination to be conducted on 4th October 2020 while the Mains Examination to be conducted starting 8th January 2021. 

This has provided you with good 16 weeks leverage from the normal exam calendar. 

Most of you can utilize this precious time to prepare for Mains Examination and finetune your answer writing skills. This provides you with an opportunity to complete your learning for Mains Examination and utilize the time after the Prelims Examination for effective revision of Mains syllabus. 

To help you achieve the above goal ForumIAS is announcing the MGP Batch D Program for Mains 202o.

Mains Guidance Program Batch D – Starts 25th June 2020

MGP Batch D - (10 Sectional GS tests + 8 Full-length GS tests + 4 GS Simulator TM Tests)
MGP Batch D+ - (10 Sectional GS tests + 8 Full-length GS tests + 4 GS Simulator TM Tests + 4 Essay Tests)

ForumIAS Mains Guidance Program aims at providing the students with sectional tests and Full-Length GS tests to help them bring finesse to their answer writing skills for the Mains Examination. The candidate gets to compete with numerous serious candidates in a real exam-like format.

MGP Batch D/D+ will be conducted in two tranches i.e. a) learning through sectional tests before the Prelims examination and b) Revision through full-length GS test post prelims. Thus, the program ensures three (3) effective rounds of revision for Mains Syllabus.

MGP (D/D+) – CLICK HERE for Details


MGP Batch D – Rs. 16,000 + 18% (GST) – RS. 18,880 – Click Here to Pay

MGP BATCH D+ (Includes 4 Essay Tests) – Rs. 20,000 + 18% (GST) – Rs. 23,600 – Click Here to Pay

USP of ForumIAS MGP – Mentorship Module

In MGP, our exclusive focus will be on providing seamless, hassle-free, mentorship to you – without having to wait in a queue at the Offline Centre. Once you have written a Test and your copy has been evaluated, you can reach out to us for a mentorship session on your copy.

In MGP 2020, the Academy will provide subject-specific mentorship apart from the general mentorship on answer writing. This is being done, keeping in mind that the requirements of the Commission in terms of awarding marks are beyond presentation skills. The Subject-Specific Mentorship – called Level 2 mentorship – will be available once you have made basic changes to answer writing. This should be useful for candidates who have already acquired good answer writing skills but need very specific inputs, after reaching a plateau.

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