Mains Guidance Program (MGP) 2023 Cohort-2 | Registrations open | Enrol now

Dear Friends,

We are writing to inform you that we are commencing with Cohort-2 of Mains Guidance Program (MGP) 2023 on 15th May 2022.The Program is available in both Online and Offline Mode.MGP covers the entire GS and Essay syllabus with our unique Online Mentor Guided Test Series and Test Discussions. 

Some of the distinguishing features of the course are:

  • Total of 51 tests which includes: 22 Half Length Tests, 16 Full-Length Tests, 8 Essay Tests, 5 Open Simulator Tests
  • Concept Class: With MGP++ you will get access to a video library of 300+ videos on static topics with rich content.
  • GS Test Solution The solution to GS Tests is curated with a philosophy to provide adequate content for answering the question in hand.
  • GS Test Video Discussions: The video discussion of MGP tests ensures that the student is exposed to different ways of answer writing.
  • Essay Test Question Paper: Essay Test replicates the pattern of UPSC. Keeping in mind two things (a) increased focus of UPSC on philosophical essay (b) unpredictability of the commission, both sections will have thematic as well as philosophical topics.

This Mentor-Aided Test Series is the Flagship program of ForumIAS which ensures that you learn the basics of Answer Writing, Structuring, and content improvement through successive tests as you embark on self-study for the Civil Services Examination.   For Registrations and more information, visit:  For any assistance, you can email us at and call us at 9821711605

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