Mains Marathon Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answer Writing – April 20, 2018

Read the following questions and answer them by clicking on the links in not more than 200 words

Time: 30 Minutes

Kindly review each others answers

Q.1) Even after a decade negotiations on BTIA, India and EU have failed to reach a common ground.In this context what are the points of contentions between India and EU? What are the reasons for which India does not want to give in to EU’s demands? Suggest a way forward. (GS – 2)

The Hindu

Q.2) What do you mean by ‘neutrinos’. How are they produced and detected? Discuss their possible applications in near future.  (GS – 3)

The Hindu

Q.3) Write short notes on:

a) Sagan effect in Science and Technology

b) ‘Animal spirits’ in Economics

The Hindu

The Hindu


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