Mains Marathon Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answer Writing – February 13, 2018

Read the following questions and answer them by clicking on the links in not more than 200 words

Time: 30 Minutes

Kindly review each others answers

Q.1)Recently, the Supreme Court accepted the suggestions made by the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Bar Association on appointments to various tribunals. In this context discuss the current challenges facing by tribunals in India. What are the Suggestions made by CAT Bar Association related to appointment of its members.(GS-2)

The Hindu

Q.2)The Union cabinet has approved a proposal for ratification of the Minamata Convention. What is Minamata Convention? Discuss the role of convention to protect human and environment.(GS-3)

Live Mint

Q.3) Write short note on any two of the following:

a) Great Indian Bustard

b)  Initial Coin Offerings

c) Compensatory afforestation (CA) funds

The Hindu

The Hindu


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