Mains Marathon Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answer Writing – February 28th, 2019

Read the following questions and answer them by clicking on the links in not more than 200 words

Time: 30 Minutes

Kindly review each others answers

Q.1) Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play predominant role in social areas as a third sector where public and private sectors fail to provide social services for the needy. Examine.

Q.2) On the one hand social media is seen as a challenge in internal security of India and on the other hand it can be a solution for the same. Critically examine.

Q.3) What are different types of cyclone? Discuss the stages in the process of development of tropical cyclones?

Q.4) Telecom sector in India is under deep financial crisis. What are the challenges faced by telecom sector in India? Also, mention steps taken by government tackle these challenges?

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