Mains Marathon Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answer Writing – January 22, 2019

Read the following questions and answer them by clicking on the links in not more than 200 words

Time: 30 Minutes

Kindly review each others answers

Q.1) Oxfam International Inequality report Public Good or Private Wealth reflects the gap between the rich and poor, considering the findings of report discuss the various dimensions how public service and social protection reduce global inequality.

Q.2) As the influence of digital technology has increased by leaps and bounds, the debate around its impact on the children and youth has become significant. discuss

Q.3)The performance of State PSUs is a cause of concern considering the mounting losses they have accumulated. Highlight the reasons behind their subdued performance and suggest measures

Q.4) Ocean warming and Polar Ice melting are sign of human induced climate change. In this context discuss consequences of increase in sea level and global preparedness to tackle the same?  

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