Mains Marathon Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answer Writing – July 16th, 2019

Q.1) “It is estimated that in just 30 years from now, half of India will be living in cities”. In the context of threat of water crisis, how can we ensure the next generations water security to next generations? Suggest some best eco-management practices to ensure water security.

Q.2) “In the upcoming years, a host of geopolitical and economic issues need to be reconciled”. In this context how India’s foreign policy should be modelled in the upcoming years? Discuss how India should balance its interest among various nations?

Q.3) “Although Indian constitution provide a lot of provisions for the safeguard of socially weaker sections of the society, India still needs a social revolution to end discrimination and to socially uplift them”. Comment. Discuss various provisions in the Indian constitution for socially weaker sections.

Q.4) “Judicial review is an essential aspect of the a constitutional democracy especially India”. Critically examine. Discuss its importance in keeping executive in check.

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