Mains Marathon Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answer Writing – September 26, 2018

Read the following questions and answer them by clicking on the links in not more than 200 words

Time: 30 Minutes

Kindly review each others answers

Q.1) What do you understand by the term “constitutional emergency”. Describe how the relationship between centre and States gets modified during the term of this emergency.

Q.2) Discuss the significance of the Speaker in light of the tenth schedule of the constitution. Do you agree with the view that Speaker’s power to disqualify a MP should be handed over to the nominal head of the state under tenth schedule.

Q.3) To create strong lending institutions with global standing, government has often mooted the idea of bank consolidation. Critically analyse the need of bank consolidation in current context of bad loans impacting the economy.

Q.4) Enumerate the various problems affecting the Sugar Industry in India. Also list down the various initiatives taken by the government to improve this industry.

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