Mains Marathon for Mains 2022 Answer Writing Practice Starting from 28th JANUARY!!

Dear Friends,  

As we all know, UPSC Prelims 2022 is less than 5 months away from now and ideally, an aspirant should give at least one thorough reading of the mains syllabus before starting with prelims’ preparation. So, now is the ideal time to start with the preparation seriously, leaving past failures and successes behind.  

Thus, to help aspirants kick-start their preparation, we are restarting our Mains Marathon initiative. So that aspirants stay in the habit of answer writing for the mains 2022 examination and don’t have to put themselves under immense pressure, after the prelims.  

About Mains Marathon Initiative 

Mains Marathon initiative is an old and loved initiative to practice for mains examination answer writing. You can go through past mains marathon questions. This initiative has been very helpful for aspirants in the following ways: 

UPSC Exam Coverage: Many questions asked in the UPSC General Studies papers, even in the 2021 UPSC mains examination, were covered under Mains Marathon. This time also, we would be framing questions, on the same line, as per the demand of the examination.  

Habit formation: Attempting the questions daily will form a habit of writing answers with speed and logic.  

Daily Manageable questions: No. of questions will be such that everyone can form the habit of answer writing without losing focus on other areas of the syllabus like optional, essay, and prelims. An aspirant will have to just devote half an hour to cover questions.   

Details of the mains Marathon Initiative

Start Date – 28th January 

Page for the repositoryClick here

1. Daily 3-4 questions will be posted in the morning.

2. All questions will be based on current affairs.

3. Solutions for the questions will be provided the next day.

4. Weekly and Monthly compilations of the questions and solutions will be provided.

Aspirants are expected to write consistently to take full benefit out of the initiative. We will be providing compilations of the same as well.

If aspirants want to provide their suggestions on the same, they are welcome. We would be incorporating all the relevant suggestions in this initiative. Suggestions can be provided in the comments section given below.

Stay safe and happy answer writing 🙂 !!

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