ForumIAS Academy Comprehensive Guidance Program 2020 - The 10 month long Classroom & Answer Writing Program by ForumIAS commences from May 15th, 2019. From our very first Batch of CGP ( Foundation ) our student Minal Karanwal has secured Rank 35 and secured a position in the IAS. To apply for the Program, please click here.
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Mains Marathon UPSC Optional Subjects – Questions and Answer

Mains Marathon UPSC Optional Subjects – Questions and Answer


We are starting Mains Marathon Optional Answer Writing Practice Initiative for Optional subjects.

  • We will post around 10-20 Questions in the weekends as sectional Weekly Tests.
  • We will try to offer a General Feedback for the answers.
  • We will try to keep the questions meaningful and relevant to the exam.
  • Suggestion: Review each others answers, so that everyone improves.

How to get updated when questions are posted?

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For Mains Marathon General Studies Questions and Answers : Click Here

List of Questions are arranged and updated Month-wise below:

Mains Marathon : History

Mains Marathon : Electrical Engineering

Mains Marathon : Anthropology

Mains Marathon : Sociology

Mains Marathon : Law

Mains Marathon : Psychology

Mains Marathon : Geography

Mains Marathon : Economics

Mains Marathon : Botany

Mains Marathon : Public Administration

Mains Marathon : Political Science


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