Mains Open Test 2021 | 20-22nd Dec. | Register Now

Dear Friends,

Gear up for Mains 2021 with ForumIAS Mains Open Test.

As the Mains 2021 approaches we invite you to write the ForumIAS Mains Open Test in the exact exam format as the Civil Services Mains Examination.

We will be conducting an Open Test for Mains 2021 from 20th-22nd December.

Please note in the previous years Shubham Singh IAS Rank-1 and Shreyans Kumat IAS Rank-4 were diligently writing the ForumIAS Mains Open Test for the Mains Examination.
Rest assured that if you are not a student of the ForumIAS Academy in any other source but only enrolling in the Mains Open Test, ForumIAS will not claim you as a student in its Print and Digital media campaigns.

There will be 4 GS Tests + 1 Essay Test. Solutions will be provided for the same.

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