Make the mental well beings of teacher a priority

News: Pandemic has impacted the lives of all in one way or another. Teachers are also not an exception in this.

What are the issues faced by the teachers due to the pandemic?

Security: Teachers who teach in low-fee private schools often have low salaries, poor working conditions and no systemic protection.

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Constant monitoring: New type of “bullying” is faced by the teachers who work in medium-range, urban private schools. They are in constant ‘watch’ of parents who pointed out even the tiniest mistakes, including variety in pronunciation in online classes.

They are also under constant pressure to submit records of efforts made to keep learning ‘alive’.

Media reports: During the pandemic, media reporting of teachers drew salary without any work, affecting the self-image and self-respect of teachers.

Deployment in other activities: Under COVID-19 duty, they are deployed in undertaking door-to-door COVID-19 survey, distributing immunity booster tablets, disciplining queues outside liquor shops and other activities, led them to a sense of ‘loss of identity.

Cut off with children: Many teachers got stressed because of total cut-off from contact with children during the initial months and during and after the second wave.

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How to improve the mental well-being of teachers?

Supportive environment: Space should be created for teachers where they can easily discuss their stress and other issues.

Teacher Training:  Regular teacher training should be conducted for their mental health, well-being, and management.

Objective Recognition Programme: It should be focused on the small achievements of teachers. It should also help in building an environment focused on improving the strengths of teachers.

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What should be the way forward?

To create an environment where our children feel secure, safe, and protected with professionally well-trained teachers, then there is a need to take care of the mental health of our educators as a priority.

Source: This post is based on the article “Make the mental well beings of teacher a priority” published in The Hindu on 11th December 2021.

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