Making peace with Naya Pakistan

Making peace with Naya Pakistan


  1. M.K. Narayana, a former Indian NSA has analyzed India’s approach towards New Pakistan.

Important Analysis:

2. Newly elected government in Pakistan has promised to bring about improvement in India and Pakistan relationship.

3. However according to Author, India need to be little careful before taking concrete steps because:

  • India and Pakistan has witnessed several false starts whenever the new government was formed in Pakistan
  • Concern over newly elected Prime Minister who lack political experience.
  • Promised made by new Government could be a delusion as newly appointed political leaders in past tried same stunt to improve relationship with India but failed.
  • Leaders in the past such as Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto has paid heavy price whenever they tried to bring democratic interest.
  • Failure of Political Party to withstand interest of Pakistan Military (Deep State) which controls every aspect of Political activity.
  • Pakistan Foreign Minister commitment do not seems to be promising.
  • Deepen interest of Pakistani Military in controlling state affairs may undermine political willingness to improve the relationship.
  • Newly appointed Prime Minister seems to be a prisoner of Deep State.

4. India need to assess the situation carefully before jump to any conclusion.

5. Author has discussed some dimensions what India needs to assess.

  • Acknowledgement of threat to new Pakistani Government from outside (terrorist) and Inside (Military).
  • Clarity over short and medium term goals before taking long term initiatives.
  • Framework which will bring positive outcome.
  • To check with whom Pakistan make the first approach in terms of relationship. It seem under the influence of Deep State it may choose China, U.S and West over India.

6. What India should do

  • Step back and provide scope for people to people connect initiative.
  • Coordinate strategies among different agencies and government for peace and prosperity.
  • Enhance involvement of Like-Minded people in both countries who are interested in peaceful relation.
  • India should also take steps to encourage the rest of the world to defend democracy in Pakistan.

7. However major challenge is to tackle the groups who do not wish for healthy and peaceful relation between both countries.

8. India should strive for collective action among civil society across the world to create suitable climate of peace and better relation.

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