Managing natural resources

Source: This post is based on the article “Managing natural resources” published in “The Hindu” on 1st September 2021.

What is the News?

Meghalaya Government is implementing the Meghalaya Community-Led Landscape Management Project(MCLLMP) to manage its natural resources.

  1. Meghalaya is a state with almost 70% of the geographical area under forest cover. However, around 40% of this forest cover has degraded into open forests and shrubs. 
  2. There are many reasons for the widespread land degradation. Several of them are deforestation, mining and shifting agriculture (Jhum Cultivation).
  3. Hence, to manage the natural resources effectively, the Government of Meghalaya is implementing the MCLLMP Project.

About Meghalaya Community-Led Landscape Management Project(MCLLMP):

  1. MCLLMP is a unique project of the Government of Meghalaya. The project is being supported by the World Bank.
  2. Aim: To leverage the strength of the community to develop a sustainable Natural Resource Management system that will lead to
    • The restoration of the degraded landscape of the state, and
    • Build climate resilience and generate opportunities for livelihoods.
  3. Duration of the Project: 2018-2023 (5 years).
 Centre of Excellence in Meghalaya:
  1. The Centre of Excellence is a one-stop centre for natural resources management. 
  2. Its mandate is to build leadership capabilities to enable close cooperation among departments, democratise access to knowledge and continue with research and development on every aspect of natural resource management.
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