Manipur violence: SOS from Imphal

Source: The post is based on the article “Manipur violence: SOS from Imphal” published in the Indian Express on 30th May 2023

Syllabus: GS 3: Security issues – Internal Security.

Relevance: About Manipur violence.

News: The Union Home Minister has pitched for dialogue and promised to deal a fair hand to all stakeholders in resolving the Manipur violenceManipur violence. Ahead of Union Home Minister’s visit to Manipur violence has once again erupted. 

What are the reasons behind the unrest in Manipur?

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What is the present state of Manipur violence?

The breakdown of trust between the Meiteis and Kukis only seems to have widened over the days. There have been reports of mobs attacking the houses of legislators, police stations and looting armouries.

The case in courts over the granting of tribal status to the Meiteis is yet to be settled through the Supreme Court. All evidence points to a crisis of governance, with mobs controlling the street and the administration missing from the scene.

Even legislative units seem divided along communal lines, with community/tribe affiliations proceeding over party loyalties. Overall, the crisis made peace in the entire region at stake.

What will be the impact of Manipur violence on regional security?

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What is the role of Myanmar in the Manipur unrest?

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What the Center and States should do to address Manipur violence?

a) The first task before the government is to step in, to restore law and order and gain public trust. For that the central forces should be deployed adequately, b) A strong political leadership is necessary to get the warring parties, who have a long history of distrust, to sit across the table and start talking, c) The political leadership needs to address the legal conundrum. This should address questions about development, employment and educational opportunities, land ownership and usage and so on.

To counter multiple factors in play in Manipur, the government needs a multi-layered approach which involves judicial, political, and social levels.

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