Measures being proposed to curb resurgence of COVID wave

Source: Livemint


Various governments have adopted various strategies for handling the Covid pandemic. Is making vaccination compulsory the right strategy? 

Making Vaccine Compulsory in India – will not be a good choice because: 

  • There is a mismatch between the demand and supply of vaccines.  
  • If made compulsory for any group, would lead to diversion of doses to them and will lead to vaccine inequities 
  • Vaccines are not free for everyone in India, even not for private health care staff. So would be unethical to make it compulsory. 
  • If made compulsory for government health staff, where it is free, that would be discriminatory in nature 
Learnings from the past 
  • India undertook Family Planning Programme based on the forceful steps in the 1970s. But, it took India almost two decades to get back on track with family welfare activities and population control programme. 
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  • Polio Programme – India successfully implemented the “Polio Elimination Programme” with a coverage of 99% or even higher. 
  • The reason behind achieving this success was effective communication & dialogues with communities and the involvement of various stakeholders. 
  • So, India should learn from these examples, not what the other countries are doing. 
Way Forward 
  • It is a must to have sufficient supplies of vaccines.
  • Ensuring timely vaccination, achieving high coverage, providing at least one dose to 70% of the population.
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