Medical courses at IITs? UGC draft guidelines get a thumbs up

What is the News?

University Grants Commission has released “Draft Guidelines for Transforming Higher Education Institutions into Multidisciplinary Institutions”. 

The guidelines have been prepared in line with the National Education Policy, 2020 which has envisaged at least one large multidisciplinary higher education institute in or near every district by 2030.

What are the key features of the Guidelines?

Phasing out stand-alone and domain-specific Higher Education Institutions(HEIs).

Creation of multidisciplinary HEIs by launching varied courses. For instance, IITs must take a lead by opening humanities, medical science and management departments.

Colleges should have the option of forming “clusters” to overcome institutional weaknesses hindering their entry into the field of multidisciplinary education.

De-affiliated colleges from universities to push them towards autonomy. De-affiliated colleges could grow to be multidisciplinary autonomous degree-granting institutions.

Colleges or universities should have the option of collaborating to offer dual degrees. For instance, students once admitted will be able to complete the first degree at the host institution and the second degree at the partnering institution without going through the admission process again.

Source: This post is based on the article “Medical courses at IITs? UGC draft guidelines get a thumbs up” published in Business Standard on 11th Mar 2022.

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