MGNREGS: Over 40% of gram panchayats do not report digital attendance

Source: The post is based on the article “MGNREGS: Over 40% of gram panchayats do not report digital attendance” published in The Hindu on 25th February 2023

What is the News?

Recently, the Union Government had made it mandatory that the attendance for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) workers be captured through a mobile application, National Mobile Monitoring System(NMMS).

However, over 40% of gram panchayats have not reported digital attendance through the app.

Note: Only community work under MGNREGS requires NMMS.

What is the National Mobile Monitoring System (NMMS) app?

Launched in: 2021 by Ministry of Rural Development

Aim: To bring more transparency and ensure proper monitoring of the schemes. 

Features: The App is applicable for the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA workers for all the States/ Union Territories.

– It permits taking real-time attendance of workers at Mahatma Gandhi NREGA worksites along with geo-tagged photographs. This helps in increasing citizen oversight of the programme.

What are the issues with making NMMS App mandatory for MGNREGA workers?

Poor internet connectivity, little access to smartphones, and glitches in the app have created a problem in the daily activities of the workers.

Many workers have also complained that the process is very difficult, and they are illiterate. 

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