हिंदी माध्यम Application Link | MGP for Hindi Medium – for CSE 2021 and Post Prelim Batches for CSE 2020

Hello All,

This is to inform you that we shall be opening up for MGP Hindi Medium for CS Mains 2020 and CS Mains 2021 with limited seats of 100 candidates for CSE 2020 and 200 for CSM 2021

The candidates will be admitted on the basis of a screening test.

We have not conducted Hindi Medium MGP / other programs publicly, but we have admitted only 4 students for CSE Mains 2019, based on personal reference, so it may have happened that you may have enquired for Hindi Medium courses last year and you were denied admission or been told about the complete absence of the program in Hindi medium.

All 4 of them have appeared for the Interview in CSE 2019.

The topper in Hindi Medium has secured Rank 242 Rank this year – Reecha Ratnam. You can read more on her here, here and download her MGP Copies here.

The strategy for Hindi medium has been to

(a) Augment Content matching English Medium Students
(b) Answer Writing Skills for Hindi Medium matching Top 50 Rank holders.

Our 5 Point Diagnosis of Hindi Medium Students has been as below:

(1) Excessive focus on subjects like history  – especially ancient, medieval and less focus on Polity, Economy, Society and dynamic issues of GS Paper 2 and 3. Excessive focus on subjects that are of more importance for Prelims, but not for Mains. For Ranks Mains specific subjects are more important.

(2) Lack of exam orientedness and focus on elaboration instead of succintness  / preciseness in Answer Writing – sometimes complete failure to sum up answer in 200 words.

(3) Lack of appropriate vocabulary in English to express new ideas and reluctance to adapt new words from current discourse.

(4) Complete absence of presentation skills – in most students whom we have come across.

(5) The tendency of writing whatever is the first thing that comes to their mind instead of a well-thought-out answer.

We shall be taking 100 candidates & 200 candidates respectively in MGP 2020 and MGP 2021 for the MGP Program.

In case you are interested in joining the Program, you can apply it at the below link.

Our goal will be to provide the same guidance to Hindi medium students which are available to English medium students and see increasing selection from Hindi medium in coming years.

We will call you and discuss how you can proceed.

To check the brochure of MGP Hindi Medium, Click Here

Please apply below. In case you need help, you can email us at helpdesk@forumias.academy.




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