Mains Guidance Program 2017 by ForumIAS

Dear Friends,

The Mains Guidance Program ( MGP) 2017 is the second year of ForumIAS’s Mains Guidance Program.

The MGP of 2016 had an intake of 86 students, out of which 73 candidates got an Interview call.

50% of MGP Students appeared for their first Interview in 2016

Out of these 86 candidates, there were 43 candidates ( exactly 50%) who appeared for their first Interview. This means that they had been writing Mains before, but were not able to break the Mains barrier, and did not appear for the Interview before.

This includes ForumIAS members like @drkingschultz , @IWRA @louislitt @md47 , @mittali sethi and dozens of other members .

ForumIAS Members like Louislitt / Prajit Nair  and Mittali Sethi have secured IAS rank 87 and 56 respectively, having benefited from the program.

You can read the detailed strategy of Prajit Nair by clicking here.

Sushil, who was earlier in allied services for more than two consecutive years, was able to improve his rank with MGP and has secured IAS Rank 96.

About the Program

MGP is a mentor supported , test series based preparation plan for Civil Services Mains Examination.

MGP+ is aan augmented variation of the MGP, and it also includes 5 Essay Tests with evaluation with discussion classes.

Who should join MGP?

While MGP is suitable for anyone appearing for the Mains Examination, we recommend that is it most useful for

  • Candidates who have been writing Mains before, but unable to secure an Interview call
  • Candidates who are unable to score in GS well over the years
  • Candidates who are looking for rank improvement and service up-gradation.

Having said that, MGP is a very beginner friendly mentor supported Test Series program, and first timers who have no prior experience of answer writing have hugely benefited from it.

Features of MGP/MGP+
  • Test Series Papers as per UPSC Standards as per schedule in both online and offline mode.
  • Exhaustive Model Answers to help candidates prepare the syllabus well
  • Telephonic Guidance from Mentor to discuss your paper and possible preparation strategy.
  • Discussion classes after each Test
  • Flexibility in writing the Tests at any later date once the Tests are released.
  • A personal Mentor allocated to you to monitor your progress.
What is the difference between MGP and MGP+
  • MGP consists of GS Tests only whereas MGP+ includes Essay Tests as well. We decided to add the Essay Tests as in 2016, we saw that our students could not do any essay practice as we had not offered any. We did evaluate some of the essays for students who came to us, from the free Weekly Essay Tests on the ForumIAS Blog.
  • Not practicing a single Essay can be detrimental to your total scores as essay scores have gone as high as 160 . Thus, effectively it has more effective weightage than the GS Paper 1 ,2,3 or 4 where marks are usually in the range on 90-125.
  • Thus Essay offers a unique opportunity as well as challenge to candidates to get a good score, and the service of their choice.
  • For 2017, we have decided to include Essay as well. Thus MGP+ also includes 5 Essays.
Who is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a person who has relevant experience of the Civil Services examination, who guides and evaluates your copies and also provides feedback – both written and telephonically.

A mentor is responsible for seeing that feedback provided by him / her is implemented by the candidates in subsequent Tests

When does the MGP 2017 begin?

The MGP 2017 began in December 2016 for the Civil Services Mains Examination 2017.

The next batch of MGP starts on July 1

Test Calendar & Enrollment Links
  1. MGP/MGP+ Batch ADownload Brochure Here – Enrollment Closed
  2. MGP/MGP+ Batch BDownload Brochure Here – Enrollment Closed
  3. MGP/MGP+ Batch CDownload Brochure HereAdmission closed|

Any further admissions will be on case by case basis. In case, you had already informed us about late payments, you can email us at shantanu@forumias.academy

Offline Test Center for Writing Tests


We do provide an offline Center for writing the Test Papers in exam environment. We currently have one Test Center in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi

The address of the Test Center is :

ForumIAS, 3rd Floor, Shop No. 6. Old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi 110060

You can refer to any of the below landmarks  to locate us.

Landmark : Near Syndicate Bank ATM | Lane in which KSG is there | 3rd Floor above NEXT IAS.

Google Maps Location : http://is.gd/ForumIAS

When can I write the Tests at the Offline Center?

You can write the Tests at the Offline Center 6 days a week between 10AM to 5PM. The Test Center will be closed on Thursday for clean up.

Apart from this the Test Center will be closed on National Holidays ( such as Independence Day ) or upon any such regulation as provided by local administration such as local elections.

You will be intimated if the Test Center is closed apart from National Holidays.

You can also reach our Test Center in charge Vinay at 9821711605. You can also email us at student@forumias.academy for any assistance.

I have grievances. Who should I reach out to?

If you are facing any difficulties with respect to the program, copy checking, or any other issues, you can reach out to vinay@forumias.academy or call him at 9821711605.

If your issue is unresolved, you can reach out to shantanu@forumias.academy or call him at 8800631116

Other FAQs

  • How do I subscribe to the ForumIAS MGP Program?
  • How do I choose which batch to join?
  • How do I contact the Mentor to discuss my paper?
  • Can I write the Test Offline?
  • Where can I get the MGP Question Paper ?
  • Can I attempt the MGP Tests in A4 sheet papers?
  • How do I submit my paper for evaluation?
  • Can I submit my paper for evaluation by post?
  • Can I submit my paper for evaluation by Courier?
  • Where should I send my paper for evaluation?
  • How to contact ForumIAS with reference to MGP?
  • In how many days can  I get my copy evaluated?
  • Will I get supplementary study material with MGP?


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