Ministry of Defence (MoD) tenders for six more submarines at $1 billion each

Source – The Business Standard

What is the news?

The Ministry of Defence has request for proposals for the establishment of an eco-system in India for the indigenization and incentivization of critical submarine technology.

  • The MoD issued the formal tender under project 75(I) to domestically build six conventional submarines for the Navy at a cost of $1 billion each [Rs. 40000 crore each],
About the Project 75 (I)
  • The project envisages indigenous construction of submarines equipped with
    • Contemporary equipment,
    • Weapons and sensors including fuel-cell based AIP [Air Independent Propulsion system]
    • Advanced torpedoes
    • Modern missiles and state-of-the-art countermeasure systems.
  • Project 75(I) will be the first project to be implemented under the strategic partnership (SP) model that allows domestic firms to collaborate with foreign OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to produce high-end military platforms in India.
Advantages of AIP System
  • AIP system generates power through the reverse electrolysis of oxygen and hydrogen. The two elements, carried on board the submarine, chemically combine to produce electricity. This eliminates the need for a diesel generator by charging the submarine’s batteries.
    • Submarines with AIP can remain underwater for 10-14 days, reducing its vulnerability to detection.
  • A conventional diesel-electric submarine, on the other hand, is powered by electric batteries. Since the batteries get discharged, the submarine must surface every day or two to recharge them by running diesel generators (which require atmospheric air). During this process, the surfaced submarines are visible to radar and vulnerable to attack.
Significance of the project
  • Make in India approach – It will help India absorb technology more quickly and effectively, as well as build a multi-tiered industrial environment for submarine construction in the country.
  • Transfer of technology– The Foreign OEMs will enable SP for the construction of submarines, achieving high levels of indigenization, and transfer of technology (ToT).
  • Develop indigenous capabilities in the public/private sector to design, develop and manufacture complex weapon systems for the future demands of the Armed Forces
  • To tackle china’s threat– This is keeping in mind the rapid increase of nuclear submarine arsenal by China and to protect the Indo-Pacific region from future domination.

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