Ministry of Home Affairs launches ‘CAPF Punarvaas’ through Welfare & Rehabilitation Board (WARB)

What is the News?

The Ministry of Home Affairs has launched ‘CAPF Punarvaas’ through the Welfare & Rehabilitation Board(WARB).

What is CAPF Punarvaas?

Launched by: Ministry of Home Affairs 

Aim: To facilitate retired Central Armed Police Force(CAPF) and Assam Rifle personnel to secure employment with private security agencies.

Through this portal, retired personnel seeking re-employment can find an appropriate match by uploading personal details on the WARB website along with their area of expertise and preferred employment location. 

Moreover, this portal has also been linked with another portal that the Ministry of Home Affairs runs for the registration of Private Security Agencies (PSAs) under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA). This will result in a single platform for both jobseekers and job providers.

Significance of this portal

On one hand, PSAs will benefit by accessing the database of retired and willing personnel of CAPFs who are well-trained in providing security and other security-related services.

On the other hand, this portal will provide an electronic platform for retired CAPFs personnel to secure employment in PSAs.

Source: The post is based on the articleMinistry of Home Affairs launches ‘CAPF Punarvaas’ through Welfare & Rehabilitation Board (WARB)published in PIB on 7th May 2022

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