Ministry of Tribal Affairs launches “Adi Prashikshan Portal”

What is the News? The Minister of Tribal Affairs has launched the ‘Adi Prashikshan Portal’.

About Adi Prashikshan Portal:

  • Adi Prashikshan Portal aims to act as a central repository for information on all training programmes conducted by Tribal institutions across the country under Adi Prashikshan-Training for Tribals initiative.
  • Developed by: Ministry of Tribal Affairs in collaboration with UNDP and Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs)-Odisha.
  • Institutions covered under the portal: The portal would act as a Central Repository of all training programs conducted by:
    • Tribal Research Institutes(TRIs)
    • Different divisions of the Tribal Ministry
    • National Society for Education of Tribal Students(NESTS)
    • Centre of Excellences funded by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and
    • National Tribal Research Institute.

Adi Prashikshan-Training for Tribals initiative:

  • It is an initiative to reach the remotest tribal areas using information technology. This will allow tribal communities to access their rights and benefits.
  • It is an effort to bring Training Institutions, Organizations, Experts and Trainers together.

Benefits of Portal

  • Firstly, the portal will transform the various ongoing training initiatives under different units of the Tribal Ministry.
  • Secondly, the portal will also catalyze and improve the processes of conducting training by making it online and accessible to all.

Source: AIR

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