Misuse of Specialised agencies

Source: The Hindu

Gs2: Statutory, Regulatory and various Quasi-judicial Bodies.

Synopsis: Governments’ actions against journalists have raised suspicion. Specialised agencies are being used to curb dissent.


  • Recently, the Enforcement Directorate raided the office of independent digital news platform News Click.
  • The ED is investigating the involvement of the digital news platform in the alleged money-laundering of ₹30 crores.
  • It is unclear that News Click in any way is related to the alleged money laundering.
  • However, critics alleged that this operation is in response to the in-depth coverage of ongoing farmer protests and country-wide protests against the CAA, earlier.
  • Organizations representing the media have raised their concerns over this action.

Why the ED’s raid has raised suspicion?

The following arguments will explain the reason for rising suspicion on government actions.

  • In many instances, the government has used central agencies such as the CBI, ED, IT, and even the NIA to attack its critics. For example, Journalists who are reporting on farmer protests are facing repressive action.
  • It is also a fault on specialized agencies to be politically involved. It is against the principles of non-partisanship.
  • Laws that are used against critics on a regular basis, should be used in extreme offenses that too as a last resort. For example,
    • Law of Sedition, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act based on the allegation of anti-national activity, Promotion of social enmity or outraging religious sentiments laws.
  • Some relief has been provided from the Supreme Court in the past. However, it is also cannot happen in every case.

A responsible and responsive government should be open to the voices of critics. Indeed, dissent is an essential part of Democracy.

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