Modern History Quiz: Modern History – II | 7 September 2021

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We are posting prelims marathon MCQs for today. In this initiative, you can attempt 10 subjective MCQs on a daily basis. For schedule, refer to the archive link given below.

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Question No. 1
With reference to Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh, consider the following statements:
1. He established Provisional Government of India at Bagh-e-Babur in Kabul in the middle of World War I in 1915.
2. He was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Question No. 2
With reference to Subramaniya Bharati, consider the following statements:
1. He published the weekly journal “India”, which was the first paper in Tamil Nadu to publish political cartoons.
2. He was the supporter of caste system.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Question No. 3
With reference to Battle of Saragarhi, Consider the following statements.
1. The battle happened in 1897 between the British Indian contingent and the Afghans Tribesmen.
2. Sikh soldiers were led by Gurmukh Singh.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Question No. 4
Journalism education in India was introduced for the first time by?
Question No. 5
“Satya Prakash” – a weekly was started to promote widow remarriage by?
Question No. 6
“Cowrie currency” was used in British period in which of the following place?
Question No. 7
The “revolt of Mopillas” was associated with which of the following region?
Question No. 8
With reference to the political association in British India, which of the following pairs is/are correctly matched?
Organization: founded by
1. Poona Sarvajanik Sabha:Jyotirao Govindrao Phule
2. Bombay Presidency Association :Badruddin Tyabji
3. Madras Mahajan Sabha:P Anandacharlu
Select the correct answer using the code given below:
Question No. 9
The “Indian National Association” protested against the reduction of age limit in 1877 for candidates of the Indian Civil Service examination, was founded by?
Question No. 10
Which state was annexed by the British on the grounds of misgovernment?
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