Motivation: Life at LBSNAA -The Finishing Line of Foundation Course (FC)

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“Years of Hardwork earned an entry ticket into this prestigious Institute. I was totally blank about what was gonna come in the coming 3 months. Now, at almost the “Curtains down” stage of FC, there is sense of satisfaction within me.”

Life has moved miles ahead or may be I am still struck in the waves of loneliness when the world around me moved ahead.

FC is exciting, enthralling, busy busy, hectic and very interesting indeed ! Let me just briefly Look back at my past here and encapsulate it in this small post.

I remember the first day when i first entered into this academy, the Great Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy for Administration, Mussorie. It was a feeling of satisfaction, pride, happiness and above all a sense of Responsibility when i was walking into the gate.

Years of Hardwork earned an entry ticket into this prestigious Institute. I was totally blank about what was gonna come in the coming 3 months. Now, at almost the “Curtains down” stage of FC, there is sense of satisfaction within me.

FC has been packed with Events. Typical day of an OT(Officer Trainee) starts with PT@6am (Physical Training). 😀 and then the day keeps on going on and on. OT is a sleep-deprived sincere energetic Civil Servant in Probation 🙂

Its quite fascinating to see that FC tries its best to bring out the Child with-in you. Blended with Culturals, Athletic Meet, India day, Literary Day, Book Reviews, Trekking almost every weekend, Photography, Learning a new Language(Odia.. 😉 ), Great Guest Lectures (Oh wait, not all.. Some are Super for Sleeping, while some get Standing ovations.. 😀 ), Academy is a Place to be in…With so many things to do, i never even realized that i have been living in one of the famous Hill Stations of the Country. Its busy busy life.

You blink an eye and you will miss some event in the FC. Some might be running around for their play practice sessions for cultural, while others might be sweating it out in the Happy Valley Sports Complex. Some might be studying hard in rooms to top in exams, while others might be pursuing their love interests with Sincerity!

Some might be going out for dinners every night @mall road in adhoc groupings, while some might just be sipping their coffees alone @AN Jha plaza, being lost in the thoughts of their pasts.

There are So many worlds in this small world of academy. However, Probably if someone has to choose the Highest points among the plethora of events in FC, there may be two standout events of FC for me.

First probably is the 10-day Himalayan Trek which takes you into the wilderness of the mighty mountains and make you loose your breath away. This is point where the officer trainees are Trained to acclimatize with the Harsh Geographical conditions. Waooooaaahh.

I love the Nature n what better than going deeper into the Mighty mountains of the world. In Groups of some 20 odd people, we traversed across these lofty ranges of himalayas on foot n Yes, My camera was at work. Love is in the Silence of the Woods.

A day would come when all of us disappear into this nature. The sheer gigantic volume of himalayas show us how small we are in this world, on this earth, in this universe.

Then came the All exciting Village visit where OTs are sent in groups to village to study the Rural Lifestyles. This is the most touching event of the whole FC for me.

It is never an entertaining sight to see the people suffering even for the most basic needs like Food, Clothing n Shelter. The magnitude of expectations among the common people from the Officers in Charge is mammoth. India lives in its villages n the villages are bleeding (atleast the one i visited in UP).

This particular part of the Course stirred the conscience of almost every Officer Trainee, reminding him/her of his immense responsibilities ahead once they take charge. I simply felt that God gave us this Unique Chance to impact someone’s life through our actions. Its a huge responsibility entrusted on us and its gonna be huge challenge for us.

Leaving aside the events of FC, FC is not FC coz its FC, its FC coz of the people here!

I met some of the interesting and exciting people here in this academy. I put it Interesting because Everyone is Unique in their own way and Exciting coz of the sheer variety of talents people possess here.

But this is the place where I met few of the wonderful people who are just Tooooo Good and remain in my heart for a long long time. As the FC is coming closer to an end, its very obvious  that people will be missed, Academy will be missed and whole FC euphoria will be missed, but some of the people here are gonna stay forever etched in my memory. V may not talk 2 everyone, V may not like everyone, V may not love everyone, but finding few true ones overtakes all the sorrows of Our lives n FC is the place where u find the True Ones. 🙂

As the course comes to an end, with all of us going to our Respective academies, FC will remain the first page in our memoirs of life for each one of us.

Missing people n moving ahead in life has become a common phenomenon for me now. 😀

However, to reach somewhere, u will have to leave the present and move into the future.

Miss U with a smile…. LBSNAA…. 🙂

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This Article is contributed by a ForumIAS User Naga Sathish Gidijala (IFS, 2015 batch). He is presently under training in Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy,Dehradun. ForumIAS had played a crucial role in his preparation and Success in Civil Services.
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