[Video] IFS Rank 57 Vivek who broke his arm ( but not his spirit ) before IFoS Mains.

“Sir, we need to meet. I have a problem that we need to discuss. I am your student.”

About a week before the IFoS Mains, Vivek dropped by, with a broken arm, looking for a scribe that would appear for the Mains for him. Embarrassed, he asked – Sir, will UPSC even allow a scribe?

“We have two problems”, we said. First, its not easy to find a scribe. Two, UPSC may not even allow a scribe at the last moment. Nevertheless, why don’t you create a community thread? Maybe click a picture and share?

UPSC, in the end did not allow his a scribe.

His arm was broken, but not his spirit.Vivek has secured Rank 57 in the IFoS Examination. Here is his story, in Video


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