Must Read News Articles – August 1


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Government policies

Drug-smuggling route reveals itself again:

Intelligence agencies say cartels have been exploiting vast seas off India and Pakistan.

Don’t shoot the messenger: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Proposed amendments to the Whistle Blowers Act defeat the very purpose of the legislation.

India and neighbors

The Manila envelope: (The Hindu, Editorial)

India’s financial aid to the Philippines to fight the Islamic State signals a reworking of its Asean outreach.

Old Ties, New Outlook: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India-Thai relations get a boost on people-to-people contact.

Parliament and State Legislatures

The dilemmas of delimitation: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The time has come to grapple with the implications of the freeze on parliamentary seats and seat allocations to States being lifted in 2026.

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Pollution and conservation

5 chemicals banned in firecrackers:

Ruling follows inputs from CPCB and explosives safety body.

‘Methanol a clean, cheaper fuel’:

NITI Aayog told to examine it as an alternative propellant.

The tyranny of energy uncertainty: (Live Mint, Editorial)

We must reset policy from encouraging investments in renewable energy to introducing the serious reforms necessary to sustain growth.

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

The Reserve Bank is off target: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The idea that interest rates are the right way to tackle inflation in India needs a serious rethink.

LPG prices to be hiked by Rs. 4 every month:

Centre aims to end all subsidies by March 2018.

An embarrassment of riches: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Why is the RBI not disclosing the amount from the surrendered notes? Have more than the issued amount of notes returned?

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