Must Read News Articles – August 12


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Indian society

Hubris of science: (Indian Express, Editorial)

It has become an ideology of the powerful. Democratic societies need a plurality of knowledge systems.

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India and neighbors

More troops on China border: (The Hindu)

But the number of men at the Doklam tri-junction has not been enhanced.

In South Asia, be the Un-China:  (The Hindu, Editorial)

Government policies

Ayodhya dispute: Supreme Court to hear opening arguments on December 5: (The Hindu)

Contesting parties given 10 weeks to translate documents related to the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title dispute.

Law itself allows cattle slaughter, SC tells govt.: (The Hindu)

If slaughtering cattle for food or religious sacrifice is allowed under the Prevention of Cruelty Act, why did the government ban the sale of cattle for these purposes in the new livestock market rules, the Supreme Court asked the Centre on Friday.

Slow injustice: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Speedy trials alone can undo the sense of injustice caused by acquittal after years in jail.

Issues related to governance

Push for law to ensure transparency rules: (The Hindu)

The government could consider introducing a new law to ensure transparency of rules, the Economic Survey has recommended, stressing that the ‘opaque mesh’ of regulations prevalent in India not only make life difficult for citizens who cannot feign ignorance of the rules as a valid defence, but also act as a magnet for corruption and endless litigation.

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Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Growth likely to be in the lower range, closer to 6.5%: (The Hindu)

Many indicators point to a deceleration, says second volume of Economic Survey.

‘Ease norms for airlines to fly abroad’: (The Hindu)

The Economic Survey has suggested a mix of protectionism for domestic airlines and liberal norms for flying abroad to bolster their share in international air traffic.

‘Unstable power, a big barrier in India’: (The Hindu)

Japan said unstable power supply was among the biggest investment barriers in India.

System lighter by ₹3.5 lakh crore of cash: Survey: (The Hindu)

Says demonetisation also has increased digitisation across the board; all economic indicators have returned to normal and filing of income tax returns has gone up.

The challenge is growth rebound in short term: Arvind Subramaniam: (The Hindu)

Demonetisation will have long-term benefits and that long term will still depend on what happens in the next one, two or three years, but we can see early signs of potential benefits.

No level playing field: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has loopholes to close down businesses instead of assisting entrepreneurs.

Risks to growth: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Five months after the Economic Survey 2016-17 was released, Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian has presented the second volume of the annual economic review-cum-prognosticatory report. With the intervening period having provided a wealth of data points and policy developments, including the momentous roll-out of the Goods and Services Tax, there was a clear need to update and refresh outcomes and forecasts.

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