Must Read News Articles – August 13, 2018

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Ahead of ‘Khalistan rally’, India announces Guru fete

Hours ahead of the pro-Khalistan rally in London, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj announced on Sunday that all Indian diplomatic missions would celebrate the 550th birth anniversary of the founder of Sikh faith Guru Nanak. The move is seen as a counter to the rally.

Children living in jails worries SC

A committee headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court will be formed to tackle the issue of children living in prisons merely because their mothers are convicts.

Undoing a legacy of injustice

The Delhi High Court has done its job in striking down a vicious law that criminalised poverty. But it is the task of the Legislative Assembly and the government to replace the punitive structure of the (now defunct) Begging Act with a new set of measures that genuinely focusses on the rehabilitation and integration of the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our society.

The inexorable wheels of justice

For centuries, religious faith and the principles it enunciated were the “law” that regulated society. But in a democracy with the Constitution as a guiding force, it is natural that the new order would challenge the old, and the litigative battles that we see in court today are the struggles between that old order and the new in the path of human evolution.

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Govt. extends loan waiver scheme to individual farmers

Earlier, a farmer family was seen as a single unit, and waiver was on cumulative debt

A defence against moving herds

A routine act initiated among the Forest Department staff at the beat level, has become the first line of defence for people facing the brunt of conflict with elephants in the coffee plantations of Kodagu.

ISRO set to launch its TV channel

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will have an year-long Vikram Sarabhai centenary celebration starting in August 2019 to honour the visionary scientist and its legendary founding father.

BCCI revamp

The Supreme Court has been pragmatic in tweaking the Lodha norms on running cricket

Exclusionary state

The plight of inter-State migrants is not very different from that of refugees who lack citizenship rights

Studies point to rising drug abuse among women in Punjab

The problem of drug abuse in Punjab over the years has largely been focused on males even as experts and studies point out that the number of women addicted to drugs is rising “alarmingly” in the State.

Wars of the currency kind

Currency wars are triggered when nations either allow their currencies to weaken appreciably or devalue them to gain a competitive advantage over trade rivals.

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