Must Read News Articles – August 17


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Population and poverty

Having a minimum wage law is a mistake: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The proposed wage code Bill, which incorporates a universal minimum wage, will lead to higher unemployment and informalization of the economy.

Social issues

Beyond the lament: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Gorakhpur was only the acute manifestation of the chronic malady that ails our health system.

The architecture of censorship: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Censorship exists in India to the extent it does because it is both easy and efficient to accomplish.

Naming a right: (The Hindu, Editorial)

With the Supreme Court set to rule on privacy, India is on the cusp of constitutional history.

The health checklist: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Equity in access to doctors, diagnostics and medicines for rural India must be a priority.

The private route: (The Hindu, Editorial)

We need to find ways to make market-based health care more affordable.

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Government policies

‘Enact data protection law soon’: (The Hindu)

India quickly needs a “data protection law.

Effects of developed and developing countries policies

The costly failure of the South Asian judiciary: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Problems of institutional design mean that it has failed to function as an anchor of stability in most countries in the region.

India aims to widen oil import sources: (The Hindu)

Places first order for shale crude with the U.S., says prices lower than for supplies from Gulf countries.

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Ministerial group to oversee disinvestment: (The Hindu)

Cabinet okays DIPAM proposal.

Corpus fund for proceeds of education cess: (The Hindu)

The Cabinet on Wednesday approved the setting up of a single corpus fund, in which all proceeds of secondary and higher education cess will be credited. These will be utilised for the government’s schemes in the education sector.

Infrastructure and investment models

AI shows interest in overhauling defence planes: (The Hindu)

The Civil Aviation Ministry has written to the Defence Ministry asking them to facilitate the servicing of defence aircraft at Air India’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities.

Union Cabinet approves new metro rail policy: (The Hindu)

The Union Cabinet has approved a new policy for expanding and regulating metro rail services in cities across India.

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