Must Read News Articles-August 23rd 2019

GS – 2

Macron: No space for third party  mediation in Kashmir

France would support any policy that would give region the stability

Trump Suggest India should fight Islamic states in Afghanistan

U.S. President Donald Trump named India as one of the countries that ought to be fighting the Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan. 

EPFO to restore commutation of pension

6.3 lakh pensioners will benefit following the retirement fund body’s decision

Taking a far east turn to deepen a friendship

During Modi’s visit to Vladivostok, India should signal more willingness to invest in a less-developed part of Russia

Should India Tinker with its No first use policy

There is no reason for India to change its policy, which is retaliation and not initiation

Belt and Roadblocks

Given mounting criticism of BRI, will China incorporate best practices in the project?

India USA 2+2 meeting being held in California

Indian and U.S. officials have gathered in the Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, California, for the 2+2 intersessional and the Maritime Security Dialogue.

GS – 3

Increasing Investment to stimulate growth

Attention needs to be paid to both cyclical and structural dimensions of India’s present economic slowdown

Internal Affairs: On Assam NRC

With Bangladesh out of the picture, the government should clarify its post-NRC plans

New Norms: On regulation of Foreign investors

SEBI’s liberalised norms for FPIs will make Indian markets attractive to foreign investors

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