Must Read News Articles – August 26



Social issues

The Union cabinet’s decision to set up a commission to explore the creation of subcategories in the central list of the Other Backward Classes is a move in the right directionIt is a reasonable assumption that the better empowered castes in the OBC list have cornered the benefits of reservation to the exclusion of the rest.


Indian Constitution

SC verdict to affect ban on slaughter: (The Hindu)

The landmark judgment declaring right to privacy a fundamental right would have “some bearing” in matters relating to slaughter of cows, bulls and bullocks in Maharashtra.

This thing called privacy: (Indian Express, Editorial)

One salutary consequence is that the right to privacy cannot be curtailed or abrogated by merely enacting a statute but can be done only by a constitutional amendment after complying with certain constitutional prerequisites.

Government policies

Political freedoms necessary: SC: (The Hindu)

Says the right to dissent is important to end the malaise of corruption.

Executive and the Judiciary

Curtailing the legislature: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Delhi HC has limited Delhi assembly’s power to hold the executive to account.

International groupings and agreements

MPs fret over trade deficit with ASEAN: (The Hindu)

Parliamentary panel urges that India should seek better market access for its products and services.


Science and Tech

Claims on Bt cotton need to be probed, says panel: (The Hindu)

The report of the Standing Committee on Science and Technology claimed that the government cited only overall cotton output and not the average yield in area.

Prelims Related News


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