Must Read News Articles – August 28, 2018


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Ways to read the Constitution

‘Sabarimala’ is a test case for freedom of religion, women’s rights and also constitutional interpretation

Restoring dignity

Two recent developments hold out hope. One was the introduction of a Bill in Parliament to remove leprosy as a ground for seeking divorce or legal separation from one’s spouse, and the other was the Supreme Court asking the Centre whether it would bring in a positive law conferring rights and benefits on persons with leprosy and deeming as repealed all Acts and rules that perpetuated the stigma associated with it.

The big squeeze

The global community must weigh in to ease U.S.-Iran tensions. There is little appetite in the U.S. for a direct military confrontation; Iran too is under no illusion about its military capability.

Myanmar Army had ‘genocidal intent’

UN report says persecution of Rohingya Muslims amounted to ‘crimes against humanity’

Wuhan spirit should spur India to join Belt and Road initiative: China

China on Monday called India its “natural partner” in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and advocated better ties between New Delhi and Islamabad within the Eurasian framework.

Iran asks UN to act against ‘economic strangulation’ by U.S

Iran on Monday demanded the UN’s top court to suspend U.S. nuclear-linked sanctions against Tehran, accusing Washington of plotting its “economic strangulation”.

Indus treaty talks to begin tomorrow

India and Pakistan will resume their talks on various aspects of the Indus Waters Treaty in Lahore on Wednesday, the first bilateral engagement since Imran Khan took office as Prime Minister.

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Jatropha powers India’s first biofuel flight

A blend of oil from jatropha seeds and aviation turbine fuel propelled the country’s first-ever bio jet fuel-powered flight on Monday between Dehradun and Delhi.

Rescue, relief and renewal

The Kerala model of disaster management shows how we can rethink our style of governance

How dams can control floods

There should be space for greater storage of water in reservoirs before the onset of monsoon

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