Must Read News Articles-August 29th 2019


Age of third-degree torture over, Shah tells police officials

Home Minister stresses on need for a robust forensic set-up that will make it impossible for criminals to escape the clutches of law.

NRC cannot protect indigenous people

One of the Assam-based organisations that has been pursuing cases related to the National Register of Citizens (NRC) has said that the NRC cannot protect the indigenous people of the State if 1971 remains the base year for identifying foreigners.

A code of conduct for legislature soon

A common code of conduct will be framed for legislative bodies to check interruptions and for this a committee of presiding officers will be formed

Explained | What is China’s One Country Two Systems policy?

Protests in Hong Kong, now in its 13th consecutive week, have brought a decades-old policy of the People’s Republic of China back into focus — One Country Two Systems.

Message delivered: On Biarritz G7 Summit

Not everything went right at the G7 summit, but PM Modi got the ear of President Trump

Democracy and its discontents

India needs to strengthen institutions that lie between the public sphere and formal government institutions


New 9.3 crore study to check antibiotic resistance in Ganga

The government has commissioned a ₹9.3 crore study to assess the microbial diversity along the entire length of the Ganga

Cabinet eases FDI rules in retail, media

The Union Cabinet announced a number of decisions designed to attract increased foreign direct investment into the country, including easing local sourcing norms for single-brand retail companies.

Nod for sugar export subsidy

Cabinet okays offer of ₹10.45 per kg to incentivise mills to export surplus stocks

Star tortoise, otters get higher protection at CITES

A complete international ban will be enforced on their trade as part of efforts to boost numbers

Hardly the brick and mortar of a revival

The transfer of the RBI’s surplus is only a stopgap measure which will not address the key problem of a lack of demand

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