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GS 2

Brexit troubles

The British PM faces a tough test to win support in Europe for her Chequers plan

Clarifying asylum

The IACHR, in response to a request from Ecuador, had given its view on “the institution of asylum and its recognition as a human right in the Inter-American system.

GS 3

Change gears

States should reconsider their opposition to amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act

Anatomy of an outbreak

The way Kerala has handled the Nipah virus outbreak holds crucial lessons for the rest of India.

The problem at the WTO

The time has come for the developing world to have a greater say

‘Solar duty may do more harm than good’

While the government’s decision to impose a safeguard duty on the import of solar cells from China and Malaysia could benefit domestic manufacturers, it will do a lot of damage to existing solar projects that have already factored in the cheaper imports into their pricing, according to industry players and analysts.

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