Must Read News Articles –December 17

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International relations:

Why is Wassenaar Arrangement important to India? (The Hindu)

Before its nuclear weapons test in 1998, India was considered a nuclear capable country but was not recognised as one. This meant that there was no formal recognition that India was capable of producing both nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Social Issues:

Adoption: plan to empower magistrates to issue orders  (The Hindu)

In an effort to tackle the delay in issuing adoption orders by courts, which are supposed to dispose such cases within two months from the date of filing, the Ministry of Women and Child Development plans to amend the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act, 2015. It has proposed empowering the executive magistrate, instead of the court, to issue orders under the adoption proceedings.

The right start: healthcare in India (The Hindu)

In 1980, only 85 out of every 100 children born would live to age five. Today, that number is 96. Improved child survival translates, among other benefits, into reduced fertility since people do not have to compensate by having more children.

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Reduce pesticide residue in rice, States told (The Hindu)

Exports are being affected owing to detection of pesticides exceeding the prescribed maximum residue limits

India stands by free Internet: Prasad (The Hindu)

Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said here on Saturday that the “right of non-discriminatory access to Internet is not negotiable”.


What is the lowdown on re-curving cyclones? (The Hindu)

During the monsoon months, cyclones in the Western Pacific move westwards towards India and aid the associated rain-bearing systems over the country.

Biodiversity under alien attack (The Hindu)

While invasive plant species have been written about widely, thanks to their economic impact, little is known about the prevalence of invasive fauna in India. Now the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) has for the first time compiled a list of alien invasive animal species, totalling 157.

Science and Technology:

IMA tightens the screws on antibiotic prescriptions (The Hindu)

Alarmed over the growing antibiotic resistance that has made it difficult to treat many bacterial infections, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has advised doctors to follow strictly guidelines while prescribing antibiotics.

‘Safe disposal of expired antibiotics is crucial’ (The Hindu)

Growing antimicrobial resistance is also linked to the discharge of drugs and some chemicals into the environment. This is one of the most worrying health threats today.

One gene to tackle all stresses (The Hindu)

Different types of stress can affect the life of plants including that induced by pathogens (biotic stress) and that caused by non-living entities such as drought, osmotic stress, chemical or salt stress and so on (abiotic stress).

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